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Brazilian violinist Ricardo Herz has just released his fourth album, Aqui é o meu lá, with several newly composed songs of his own authorship, in which the swing, the groove and sexy improvisation set the tone.Ricardo Herz Trio was selected to represent his country at two the most important music events in the world: Womex ’12 and JazzAhead ’13.In building his own personal style of playing, Herz has reinvented the way the violin can be played. His technique has allowed him to bring out unexpected twists from his violin, such as making the instrument sound like an accordion, or even like a rabeca, which are perfect for Brazilian grooves such as the forró and the choro. Herz’s main influences are Dominguinhos, Luiz Gonzaga, Egberto Gismonti and Jacob do Bandolim.

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During the 9 years in which he lived in Paris, Herz enhanced his technique under the guidance and mentorship of jazz master Didier Lockwood. He improvised with North-African rhythms such as the chabi. He also traveled the world with his music: Herz has played in major festivals and venues around the world, from Malaysia to Mexico, from Israel to Denmark, including South America and Caribbean in between.Last year album marks his return to his Brazilian homeland. To celebrate it, Ricardo has released Aqui é o meu lá, with fellow musicians Pedro Ito (drums and percussion) and Michi Ruzitschka (7 string guitar). This album truly represents what Herz has lived (and played) through in the last 10 years: there are forrós, choros, chamames and ballads. Most importantly, there are incredible solos, unpredictable beats and true musical passion.” Brazilian music magnificently represented. His potential is extraordinary “
Didier Lockwood” Ricardo Herz, besides his amazing musical feeling, shows one of his greatest assets on stage: his charisma!  “ Hamilton de Holanda

Quick Facts
Origin: Brazil (São Paulo)
Style: instrumental, choro, MPB, forró, Brazilian rhythms

Line-up and Instrumentation
Ricardo Herz – violin
Pedro Ito – drums and percussion
Michi Ruzitschka – 7-string acoustic guitar


There are no upcoming events at this time.

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