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“The spirit of the crossed Blues “

TheTWO took away 5 prices in Cahors Blues Challenge 2016 and won the prize of Cahors blues festival, the price blues fest Eutin in Germany, the Price of the festival of 3 Rivers in Quebec, the Price All That Jazz, the Price European Blues Cruise.

Originally, the one is Mauritian and the other one Swiss but their complicity leads to forget the borders and reminds to us that the music is before any a universal language. Since 2003, TheTWO takes his public in a moving journey. Both musicians pull their strengths of the roots of the Delta blues and the sincerity of the Creole blues of the Mauritius Island. Prize-winners of the Swiss Blues challenge in the summer, 2014, TheTWO had the privilege to represent Switzerland at the International Blues Challenge of Memphis USA, in January, 2015 and in the European Blues challenge, in Brussels.

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Love of the blues which carries the duet, takes them with the guitars to cross roads from here and there. Their sincere, poignant music, sometimes wild, sometimes soft, is a call to the journey, aimed at a universe in the crossed tones which inhales the earth and bewitches the senses.
Their crossing besides the Atlantic Ocean did not go unnoticed because the duet knew how to seduce the public American by reaching the semi-finals of the competition. With more than hundred dates in 2015, TheTWO accumulates the testimonies of gratitude with a little common class as well in Switzerland as abroad, making the unanimity after each of their passage. Crowning of this promising year, the duet sees itself propelled on the mythical boards of the ” Jazz Club ” in the prestigious Montreux Jazz festival.

The adventure of TheTWO seems only to begin, it already takes nevertheless an international form: Zagreb International Blues Festival (Croatia), Montreux Jazz Festival (Swiss), Blue Balls Festival (Swiss), Den Bla Festival (Denmark), Narcao Blues Festival (Italy), Cahors Blues Festival (France)…

Yannick Nanette Voice, guitar Thierry Jaccard Voice, guitar


  • 11.05.2019 at – Salle des Fêtes – Montmeyran (26)

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  • 27.11.2019 at – Espace Tonkin – Villeurbanne (69)

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