René Lacaille

Avaibaility 2017/2018.
Born in 1946, René Lacaille is the master of the spicy sega and maloya rhythms of Réunion Island, a volcanic island paradise located deep in the southwestern Indian Ocean. The embodiment of la Réunion’s vitality, René is a man steeped in his culture’s celebration of life and good times.

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As early as age 7, he learned how to command a party when he accompanied his father to perform at weddings and dances throughout the island’s many places This was rigorous training because the musicians had to be versatile and capable of playing the Paso Doble, cha-cha, polka, waltz, bolero, Creole quadrille, Sega, and Maloya as well. René masters the bongos, drums, accordion, guitar, and saxophone. The countless nights that René spent playing professionally, combined with new music arriving from other shores, provided a variety of influences for him and his own compositions informed by flamenco, salsa, twist, rock, jazz, and fusion.
In his 20s, Rene abandoned the accordion for the guitar, and formed the now-legendary group Caméléon, who were the first to invent electric Maloya, blending traditional Réunion music with modern western timbres.

Rene’s “Sax Séga” would prove to be a hit with the francophone market, and is still featured on flights by Air France. In 1979,
René moved to France and continued his musical interests in jazz and fusion. Soon after, he had a deeply moving musical encounter with the roots Réunion artist Danyél Waro, which re-kindled his interest in the accordion and Réunion musical traditions, thereby changing the direction of his musical life. Since meeting Bob Brozman in 1999, René toured with him in Europe, South Afric, East Africa, Canada and Australia. René’s talents continued to usher him into new countries each year, helping to span his reach from Europe and Africa to Brazil, China, and the USA. He happened to play with many great musicians, all those who like him enjoy meeting other musics and transmitting their own : Richard Galliano, Debashish and Subashish Bhattacharya, Lo’Jo, Vincent Segal, Romane, Sheikh Tidiane Seck, Manu Dibango

René plays in at least two bands of his own :
a trio with two percussionnists and singers Oriane (his daughter, on lead vocals
and percussions) and Marco (his son, on lead vocals and bass too). It is called « René Lacaille èk Marmaille » (meaning RL and children in Creole).

a septet, Fanfaroné, with 3 musicians playing sax, bass clarinet ant flutes, great at improvising as well as playing René’s groovy compositions, Héloïse Divilly on drums and vocals, Oriane on percussions and vocals and Marco on Bass and vocals. Fanfaroné is a band, as well as the name of the album recorded at La Réunion Island and
distributed by l’autre Distribution.



  • 21 June at Fête de la musique – La Cité des Marmots/ Ville des Musiques du Monde – La Courneuve (93)

  • 8 November at L’embarcadère -La Cité des Marmots/ Ville des Musiques du Monde – Aubervilliers (93)

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