History of Lamastrock

History of Lamastrock at beginnings

The history of Lamastrock begin with Lamastre en Scene festival which attracted over 50,000 spectators over 7 editions from 1998 to 2004.

Documentary of Lamastre en scène from 2001

Gallery memory of Lamastre en scène

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History of Lamastrock, difusion

Lamastrock then initiated a large number of projects, concert seasons, festivals and other cultural activities (including Rockmovies, Terr’A Tempos).
More than 400 concerts welcomed with the biggest names of the French scene(stage) but also with the particular attention for the emergent projects.

Gallery from shows on differents locations

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Archives to visit: Rockmovies


Terr’a Tempos

After numerous questionings on the various models of distribution of concert on our population centers, Lamastrock pursues its efforts to propose quality musicians at the heart of our small villages, in a friendly atmosphere. The project 2015 of the Festival Terr’A tempos is the continuity of a partnership committed with the association of local authorities the Rhône Crussol since 2008 and which have suggested spreading this action towards the other communities of the center Ardèche.

History of Lamastrock, production

In 2004 we create a branch of accompaniment, production of tours and development of artistic careers. A first catalog is presented with artists as Les Doigts de l’Homme, Kady Diarra, Mes Anges Noirs, Mell. Lamastrock carries more than 300 concerts a year in France and today abroad.

History of Lamastrock, phonography

For this period of accompaniment, this guide’s role for the artists in development brought us new reflections in the field of the recording and of the record.
Lamastrock wished to invest in this support by the phonographic production of some of our artists. The first albums of this new activity “Label” were born from 2005 with Les Doigts de l’Homme, Kady Diarra, NMB Brass Band, Marc-André Léger…. Today the catalog account eight references and about 30 000 albums marketed by our label.

Visit our Label-Shop

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