Eyo’nlé Brass Band

Availability 2017/2018

Eyo’ nlé Brass Band is one of the rare African brass bands to be made discover on the international stage, this tradition of brass instruments outcomes of the countries of the circumference of the golf of Guinea, where mixes the afroblissful yoruba, the Ghanaian high life and the voodoo musics of Benin. A remarkable musical mixture enriches experiences and multiple collaborations of the group.

With their album, “Empreinte du Père” (2015 Irfan / L’Autre Distribution) Eyo’ nlé Brass Band takes us in a unique and authentic journey along its African roots where get involved rhythms, dances and songs. These eight musicians knew how to ally ingeniously the inheritance of the festive musics Beninese, which we find in the percussions, and the jazzy music of the brass bands of street, present in the arrangements of brass instruments

That sings, that moves, that dances, in brief, that lives!
Eyo’ nlé Brass Band is a symbolic example which reveals all its flavor on stage, just like the name of the group « Let us be happy! »

Some references :

In 2014, invited by ” Les Ogres de Barback ” for their tour anniversary, the members of Eyo’ nle cross France and Europe with more than 60 concerts, Paléo Festival to Olympia via ” La fête de L’Huma” festival with a show created for the opportunity which is the object of a live double – album entitled 20 years! (Irfan the Label).

So comfortable on the stages as in wanderings, they participated in several festivals in Africa and in Europe:

Les Arts dînent à l’Huile, les Jeudis de Perpignan, Les Grimaldines, Festival Garonna Show, Festival Musiques Métisses d’Angoulême puis de Colmar, Fête nationale du Bénin pour l’Unesco à Paris, les Nuits Atypiques de Langon, Les 16 Nuits Africaines d’Ottignies, Africa Festival Hertme, Festival Musicalarue de Luxey Africajac, Rennes, Poitiers, Agen, Toulouse, Bordeaux… Centre Culturel Français à Cotonou, Fête du Vaudou…
Germany : Homburg, Saarbrücken, Blieskastel, Saarlouis
Festival Blues sur Seine, Durham Brass Festival, scène d’été en Gironde 2010, Champion du monde des fanfares à Dole (Meilleur souffle 2011), résidence Aire 198 en région Poitou-Charente 2013, Mix’terre, Festival des Francophonies en Limousin 2012 et 2013…Crans Montana – Suisse, Les fondus du Macadam, Festival du Chien à Plume, Ingénieuse Afrique …



Empreinte du Père tournée 2016

  • 16 June at Tamborile Festival – Mezquita de Jarque (Espagne)

  • 23 June at La Fête de Bagolo Fo – L’Antipode – Rennes (35)

  • 7 July at La Tawa – Planfoy (42)

  • 20 July at Le Botanique – Bologne (Italie)

  • 21 July 15 September at Lucca (Italie)

  • 4 August at Festival Les Carrioles – Cars (87)

  • 9 August at Festival du Monastier – Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille (43)

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