Les Doigts de l’ Homme

Olivier KIKTEFF – lead guitar
Yannick ALCOCER – rhythm guitar
Benoît CONVERT – rhythm guitar
Tanguy BLUM – upright bass
Nazim ALIOUCHE – percussion”Dans le Monde” (In the World). The title chosen for their first album – thirteen years ago, already showed the personality of the band “Les Doigts de l’Homme.” Since then, they have never deviated from this line of conduct. Being full-fledged musicians without blinkers, open to all currents, which have managed to build a clean sound universe where swing takes place with certain lightness.This marriage of the opening in the inspiration and the requirement in the interpretation is the hallmark of Olivier Kikteff, the band leader. A self-taught musician found of acoustic and electric guitar, with an original career, who did his first professional experiences in Burkina Faso (alongside the national star Bilaka Kora) before participating, once back in France, in Celtic trainings.
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Date City Venue Country
Tournée: Artistes Lamastrock
17/02/18 GIGNAC -34 Le Sonambule France
Time: 20:30.
07/04/18 Sevran (93) Salle François Mauriac France
Time: 20:30.
18/05/18 Le Vésinet (78) Festival Jazz Métis France
Time: 20:30.
19/05/18 COLMAR – 68 Festival Musiques Métisses France
Time: 20:30.
26/05/18 LIBERCHIES Festival Django Liberchies Belgium
Time: 20:30.
06/07/18 Vendôme (41) Festival International de Guitare France
Time: 20:00.
07/07/18 LES ADRETS (38) Festival Les Arpenteurs France
Time: 20:00.
20/07/18 Les Taillades (84) Les Estivales des Taillades France
Time: 20:00.
22/07/18 LARNAS (07) Jazz sur un plateau France
Time: 20:00.

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Mumbo jumbo/2013/
Mumbo Jumbo
LP Lamastrock/ L’Autre Distribution

North America release/ Alma Records

LP Cristal Records / Harmonia Mundi

Les doigts dans la prise/2008/
Les Doigts dans la prise
LP Cristal Records / Abeille Musique

Les Doigts de l’Homme
LP Lamastrock / Productions Spéciales

les doigts de l'homme, gypsy jazz/2004/
Gipsy jazz nucléaire
5 traks LP-self-producted

doigts de l'homme dansle monde/2003/
Dans le monde
Drop studio/coop breizh – LP

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