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Chango Spasiuk

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On the stage of the world music, the Argentine accordionist CHANGO SPASIUK is unmistakably master of the chamamé, this popular music of the northeast of its country. He shares it for more than 20 years essentially in Latin America, while occurring regularly in the United States, in Europe or in Asia, passing as theaters in festivals of traditional music, world and jazz.
In each of the concerts, the public, the professionals and the press are conquered, discovering an immense artistic and human personality, a musician enjoying a total artistic freedom and delivering a sensitive, melancholic and cheerful music at the same time, who imposes a total universality.

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He collaborated with artists so diverse as Kronos Quartet, Cyro Batista, Jaques Morelembaum, Kepa Junkera, Carlos Nuñez, Lila Downs, Bob Telson, Raul Barboza, Mercedes Sosa, Bobby Mc Ferrin…

TOUR 2016

09/16 – CA – TORONTO – Ukrainian Festival
09/17 – CA – TORONTO – In Future Festival
10/06 – ES – MANRESA – Fira Mediterrania/Teatre Kursall
10/08 – ES – MADRID – Sala Galileo Galilei
10/11 – ES – BARCELONA – Centre Aartesa Tradicionarius
10/12 – ES – BARCELONA – Centre Aartesa Tradicionarius
10/13 – FR – CHARTRES DE BRETAGNE – Le Grand Soufflet
11/04 – FR – LANESTER – Espace Jean Vilar
11/05 – GB – CAMBRIDGE – Cambridge Junction
11/07 – GB – MILTON KEYNES – The Stables MK
11/08 – GB – LONDON – Rich Mix London
11/09 – GB – BRISTOL – Colton Hall
11/10 – GB – SHEFFIELD – Sheffield University Concerts
11/12 – GB – GATESHEAD – Sage Gateshead
11/13 – GB – YORK – National Centre for Early Music
11/14 – GB – BURY ST EDMUNDS – The Apex
11/17 – GB – BIRMINGHAM – Mac Birmingham
11/18 – GB – BANGOR – Pontio Bangor
11/24 – FR – MAZAMET – Espace Apollo
11/25 – FR – PARIS – El Diablito Latino
11/26 – FR – MARSEILLE – Cité de la Musique
11/27 – FR – LE THOR – Auditorium Jean Moulin

He looks like Jesus Christ and plays the music of the future which comes of the 15th century

He made, in Paris, the sad sweetness of the chamamé triumph

Chango Spasiuk, chaman of chamamé


Horacio “Chango” Spasiuk was born in September 1968 in Apostoles, a small village in Misiones, a rural north-eastern province of Argentina. Set in the frontier region bordering southern Brazil and Paraguay, this exceptional melting-pot area offers a sub-tropical climate with its fertile dark red ground where mate grows. Until the 17 th century, this region was inhabited by indigenous Guarani communities. Misiones was discovered in 1541 by Spanish people and Jesuit monks’ landing in 1609 disrupted the indigenous cultural environment. They were thrown out of the country following the king’s order. This event ended the provincial golden age: after lootings, the Portuguese and Brazilian invasions and the armed conflict with Paraguay. Although the area finally gained a form of autonomy in 1881, it was barely inhabited as a consequence of a century of nearly continuous conflicts. Argentina opened its borders and Misiones welcomed European settlers mainly Germans, Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Scandinavians and Central Europeans who built up villages, mixing with the remaining natives.Those settlers brought with them accordions and polka.
Chamamé was born from the reunion of the indigenous world and the old continent. It is a traditional and rural music played by bands of 2 to 5 musicians integrating the accordion or the bandoneon, the violin, the guitar, the cajon and sometimes thedouble bass. This cadenced and bouncing music involves soft and poetical hints and is suited to dance. You can sing or recitechamamé, it expresses landsman’s feelings: landscapes beauty, love, nostalgia, life’s roughness…
Although music belonging to Argentina’s folklore is often disparaged, it gathers a wide range of wealthy forms. A few great artists were and still are fervent defenders of this diversity revealing it in their country and worldwide. Chango Spasiuk is one of them, the unquestionable chamamé’s master, known by all in South America.
Grandson of Ukrainians migrants, he was soon surrounded by eastern Europeans musical influences combined with chamamé. Indeed his father, a violinist, and his brother, a guitarist and singer, used to host wedding receptions and other balls in their hometown. He received his first accordion as a gift from his parents at the age of 12. “I’ve learned to play accordion away from “conservatoires”, he says. “The day my father gave me my first instrument, I’ve never stopped playing it”. Soon recognized as a virtuoso, Chango Spasiuk could have settled for week-end dances animation and he would have made a pretty decent living out of it. He rather chose, without denying the tradition, to push back the limits of the artistic style. He is now a regular guest
for Argentinean rock stars and he is a worldwide performer who overcame Argentina’s cliché of only being a land for tango.
Chango Spasiuk has not only already played in several European countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Austria, Belgium, France…) he has also performed in Asia and in the United States. From venues in theatres to concerts in traditional, world or even jazz music festivals, he contributed to noteworthy events in jazz festivals from Montréal to New York. Chango Spasiuk has collaborated with a wide range of artists such as Kronos Quartet, Cyro Batista, Kepa Junkera, Carlos Nunez, Lila Downs, Bob Telson, Bobby Mc Ferrin, Raul Barboza, Mercedes Sosa… In each venue he takes part in, the audience, music professionals and journalists are captivated. They meet the artist and the man, a musician enjoying a complete artistic freedom in his creations who delivers compositions going beyond his own boundaries, therefore urging on a total universality. In the last two decades he recorded about ten albums on his behalf. The upcoming LP was recorded live in October 2013 at “Teatro
Colon” in Buenos Aires (the famous opera house in Argentina’s capital), getting a full house of 3500 audience members. Now more than ever, Chango Spasiuk wishes to develop his international career in order to disclose more and share this music he embodies with modernity, innovation and high standards.


Award-winning « best folk artist » by the « Carlos Gardel Awards » for his CD « Tierra colorada en el Colon ».
Doctor Honoris Causa by the National University of Misiones for his art.
Nominated « best folk artist » by the « Carlos Gardel Awards » for his CD « Tarefero de mis Pagos ».
« Tarefero de mis Pagos » nominated « best folk album » to the 7 th « Annual Latin Grammy Awards ».
Award-winning of the « best Argentinian folk male musician of the decade » by the « Konex Award ».
Award-winning of « Newcomer BBC World Music Awards ».
Nominated « best folk artist » by the « Carlos Gardel Awards » for his CD « Chamamé crudo ».
« Chamamé crudo » nominated « best folk album of the year! » by the « Rolling Stone-Argentina ».
Nominated « best folk artist » by the « Carlos Gardel Awards » for his CD « Polkas de mi tierra ».
« Polkas de mi tierra » nominated « best folk album of the year! » by « Clarín ».
« La Ponzoña » award-winning « best instrumental CD of the year! » by the Asociación de Cronistas del Espectáculo (ACE).
« Bailemos y… » nominated « best instrumental CD of the year ! » by the Asociación de Cronistas del Espectáculo (ACE).
« Consécration Prime » to the national folk festival national of Cosquín in Córdoba (Argentina).


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