Radio Babel Marseille

Availability 2017-2018.

By the voices varied tones and the groove of the beat-boxer, sometimes underline by a mandoline or bendir those five men of Babel create a variety of rhythms, sounds and atmospheres. They offer us a journey in rhythms and melodies which lead us from a country to the other one, from a language to another one in a city where we change continent by crossing the street. This is the way Radio Babel Marseille sings this world since Joliette in Marseille, between jetty and landing stage, look always turned to somewhere else. And the four voices rise above the Old-port with the energy of a polyglot polyphony! Mostly with beatbox, singings and palmas, Radio Babel Marseille is an authentic music which comes from the heart, filled with groove and with soul.

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Date City Venue Country
Tournée: Artistes Lamastrock
21/05/17 ST PALAIS SUR MER – 17 Festival Histoire de Choeurs France
Time: 20:30.
08/06/17 TARBES – 65 Tarba en Canta France
Time: 20:30.
24/06/17 MIRAMAS – 13 Nuit Métis France
Time: 20:30.
07/07/17 ANNEMASSE (74) Festival Musical’Eté – Fantazia France
Time: 20:30.
22/07/17 GOUDOURVILLE – 82 Les Scènes Vertes France
Time: 20:30.
10/08/17 BOURG EN BRESSE – 01 Estivales du Kiosque France
Time: 20:30.
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