Since 1998, Lamastrock accompanies, develops, produced and spreads artists musicians and their projects. Generosity, sincerity and humanity are the qualities of the artists which we defend.

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Date Lamastrock City Venue Country
Tournée: Artistes Lamastrock
25/05/17 SELMER #607 MUNICH Selmer 607 Germany
Time: 20:30.
27/05/17 MARIAN BADOI TRIO TROUILLAS (66) Printemps de l’ASPRE France
Time: 20:30.
27/05/17 THE TWO FULLY Festival Fully Bouge Switzerland
Time: 20:30.
01/06/17 LES DOIGTS DE L’HOMME TOULOUSE (31) Salle Nougaro France
Time: 20:30.
02/06/17 RADIO TUTTI FEAT BARILLA SISTERS COLMAR – 68 Festival Musiques Métisses France
Time: 20:30.
03/06/17 LES DOIGTS DE L’HOMME VILLEFRANCHE DE ROUERGUE – 12 Théâtre Municipal France
Time: 20:30.
03/06/17 - 04/06/17 EYO’NLE BRASS BAND DOLE – 25 Festival Cirque et Fanfare Switzerland
Time: 20:30.
04/06/17 RENE LACAILLE WAZEMMES – 59 Festival Wazemmes L’accordéon France
René Lacaille invité par MON COTE PUNK
04/06/17 THE TWO RIAZ Glucose Festival Switzerland
Time: 20:30.
08/06/17 RADIO BABEL MARSEILLE TARBES – 65 Tarba en Canta France
Time: 20:30.
09/06/17 ILARIA GRAZIANO & FRANCESCO FORNI GENTILLY – 94 Concert de fin de saison France
Time: 20:30.
10/06/17 RENE LACAILLE SARZANNA- IT Armadillo Club Italy
En duo avec Marco Lacaille
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Programming Concerts

After numerous questionings on the various models of distribution of concert on our population centers, Lamastrock pursues its efforts to propose quality musicians at the heart of our small villages, in a friendly atmosphere. The project 2015 of the Festival Terr’A tempos is the continuity of a partnership committed with the association of local authorities the Rhône Crussol since 2008 and which suggests today spreading this action towards the other communities of the center Ardèche. See you in 2016



The vocation to produce records at Lamastrock is above all bound to the desire to accompany the artists whom we really liked, it is the realization of meetings and exchanges, expensive to our principles. The recording joins then in the continuity of the developed artistic project and marks a new stage in the process of support.
Stage arisen from the will to promote the artists and to assure the distribution. This phase of production is always delicate in the life of a structure because it joins in a difficult and constantly evolving economic environment.
That is why to buy a live album on our site, it is to support our project and our approach, centred on a fair remuneration with intermediary’s minimum and maximum of independence !